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Service with a smile

Service with a smile
Can we expect a good customer service at the next coming events

Broadcast Brazil Column by rené Schaap

As you can maybe find out already by my name, i am born in Europe. Netherlands to be more specific. For all those years i was in a luxury position i found out as soon as i arrived in Brazil. The availability of good tools, good equipment, quality power delivery and qualified audio visuals was not on the level that i was used to back in Europe. Last years Brazil is growing, growing rapidly in economics and also in availability of better tools and professional equipment. And that is good, the country and people deserve it. But it still misses something. Most Brazilians will think i mean the lack of 'technical' education. This is true, but Brazilian are catching up really fast and easy in our kind of business. Of course the education of technicians must being leveled up next coming 10 years. The influence of foreign companies and the up coming 2 major events ' World Cup and Olympic Games ' will push this forward for sure.

The influence of foreign companies and the up coming 2 major events ' World Cup and Olympic Games ' will push this forward for sure.<br />

No.. what we miss here is a very good level of support towards clients as we have in Europe and also in United States. Some of our foreign Broadcast Brazil members were perplexed several times by how they were treated as a client sometimes. I will not name the brand or name of these companies at both sides, but i will mention what's about. case 1 A foreign videoproduction company is in need of a Professional ENG set for serveral weeks. Good business for any rental company. This foreign company send out 10 emails to several rental companies in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. They got one reply ….. yes i said 1 ……. with the message that they do not rent to foreign companies without also send their own production people on site. solution: The foreign company decided to bring th equipment from Europe. case 2 A foreign video production company needed some professional HD video cable for a project in São Paulo. As they found out that the a cable manufacturer in which they know from their Europe location also had an office in Brazil, so it looked like a good idea for them to order in Brazil. This cable manufacturer is known worldwide as very trustfull, fast and professional. They did a order by phone for cable and plugs. Than it all went wrong… the local deliver did not call back (he was busy at an exhibition he told later) … did not answer the emails or SMS messages. When they were almost at the end of the deadline they finaly got a reply from the local CEO, and suddenly it seamed they could not sell the order to a foreign company because of some local rules. The video production company proposed several options to pay them, even by the European or American office of this company, but the CEO just did not want to have this trouble it seams. solution: Meanwhile the video production company needed the cable for their project in São Paulo…. they ordered it at the europe office, The Europe office shipped it in 2 carton boxes by standard mail to Brazil and it arrived within a week….. for far less costs than they would have payed in Brazil. case 3 This is another worldwide know company, their business is professional audio mixers and audio equipment for studio and PA. This is the story of another foreign production company entering the Brazilian market. They bought a professional mixing desk in São Paulo. The mixer came with a 110V power supply. The company is not only working in São Paulo so they were in need of a compatible 220V power supply. After some mails and phonecalls the deliverer and also the manufacturer in Brazil just said that they do not have it, and that this foreign company must get it somewhere else.

The mixer came with a 110V power supply. The company is not only working in São Paulo so they were in need of a compatible 220V power supply.

So, this Column is not to complain about Brazil. Because in all 3 cases it is about .. people. Can be the lack of knowledge in a foreign language, can be the lack of experience with foreign companies, or the knowledge in how it all works with tax rules in Brazil between foreign companies. Meanwhile in all 3 cases a Brazilian company lost already a client, for now and the future… they all 3 missed an opportunity. Main thing… this will almost ever happen in United States nor Europe, there they always will try to help their client, even when it is difficult. The Americans call it 'service with a smile'. I hope big and small companies in Brazil in the Audio Visual area will catch up in time because there is a big opportunity here. The opportunity in getting foreign clients and earning some good money. The Smile Brazilians have already, now we need an excellent service towards foreign clients.

My word: Do not be affraid, go for it.<br />

My word:

Do not be affraid, go for it.

Educate your people in the english language, learn in how you can being payed by foreigners. Because in 6 months a record of Audio Visual companies will arrive for the Worldcup and they need your service, equipmet and people.

René Schaap
More info you can find on his LinkedIn: follow him on Twitter René_Schaap

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