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The jogging dead

The jogging dead

Broadcast Brazil Column by Roeland van der Manden

The end of the summer break is near. People are coming back from holidays, schools are opening its doors again and the new TV season starts!  That's for me the best part of the end of the summer, beside the so desired temperature drop. 

Last week already some programs started the new season but the big majority starts after carnaval. Saia justa, papo de segunda among others will open the new season in the second week of march. As you can see, GNT is a favourite at home. Pedro pelo mundo is one of our favourite programs. I like the way the program is structured and the places they visit. But sometimes I wonder if this is Pedro at his most exciting, probably it's just the way he is. But he could be a little less monotonous and put some more emotion in his show. 
I hope we will see some new programs this year, not just a new show but something never seen before on Brazil's pay TV. 

I hope it's just the summer break but maybe the crisis is behind the countless repeats on GNT for example. Some shows pass over five times a week. And not only during the day but also at night and even at prime time. 

I was by far the most bizarre thing I have ever seen on TV

And than there was off course the second part of the seventh season of The Walking Dead. Many people were looking forward to the restart of the serie. But it was what happened before the new episode that caught my attention. And not only mine but of many others as well as I saw later on facebook.  Fox was showing all the previous episodes of the series in a marathon. The episodes were speeded up by thirty! percent. Why? According to FOX there wouldn't be enough time to show all the episodes in real time. What? Not enough time? How do you mean, isn't that just a case of starting earlier?  I couldn't even understand the serie because they spoke too fast. It was by far the most bizarre thing I have ever seen on TV. The person who came up with this idea should be very ashamed! 

It was almost like watching an old movie from the 30's when, because of the tapes they used, everything appears faster than it is in real life. I was waiting for Charlie Chaplin, as a zombie maybe? Lucky enough, in the time of Chaplin there only were silent movies. 
: GNT , Diario de Pernambuco , FOX Brasil

Roeland van der Manden
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