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Exhibitions, tradeshows and events about Broadcast, Webcast & Mobile.
Classes Anytime
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Column by René Schaap

Apple Services in Brazil

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JOBS for Audio Visuals

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Classes Anytime
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Broadcast Brazil Academy
A portfolio of courses and training classes for Audio Visual professionals.
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Blog by Roeland van der Manden

Transmission in Cycling - #EFP

Insights at Broadcast Brazil
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Column by Roeland van der Manden

If you start making a difference…

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Be noticed by international productions and audio visual companies
Webcast ao vivo por Connecting Media Brasil
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Webcast ao vivo, Evento Exact Negócios ao Vivo com Max Verstappen  por Connecting Media Brasil
Webcast - Jogos Olímpicos - Rio de Janeiro para o Facebook por Connecting Media Brasil
Webcast #Droneweek 2016 por Connecting Media Brasil
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