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If you start making a difference, more people will follow.

If you start making a difference, more people will follow.

Broadcast Brazil Column by Roeland van der Manden

As this is the first column of 2018 i would like to start to wish each and every one you a great new year full of chances and new opportunities, to chase your dreams and step out of the ordinary and fulfill your wishes in business.

Broadcast Brazil - NewStart

That said; let’s take a look at the new year. This year is election year, which means a lot, depending on the outcome, more than ever before. The country is on its knees but there are positive signs for the next year. At the end of last year people already spend more money on gifts, more people got jobs so there is light at the end of the tunnel. But the outcome of the elections will decide if that light keeps growing or if it will diminish. I like to see the glass half full rather than half empty, seek opportunities and go for it. Election year in general also means more jobs in the media industry as all the politicians needs there commercials, promo videos and so on, that’s another positive point.

At the moment I am abroad and I always get surprised about the development elsewhere and the fact that Brazil needs these changes too.
Today I want to use as example the equipment from EVS Broadcast Equipment. This company develops soft- and hardware for the broadcast industry. They started back in 1994 with equipment for replays. Nowadays it is the most used system in the world for replays, live editing and recording and they develop new soft- and hardware all the time.
Last week I was part of the broadcast team for Camels 2018 in Saudi Arabia. This is one crazy event about camel races, camel fairs and everything that involves camels in the middle of the desert near Riyadh.

Broadcast Brazil -EVS Xfile3

There I used for recording a so-called Xfile system. It’s a system that allows you to record feeds and restore clips form the EVS server to Hard disks for example.
This system also allows you to streams directly to HD’s. You can stream up to six feeds at the same time to several destinations. Copying this would take a lot more time, so it is very handy and time saving. And time is money, so a very good solution.

Broadcast Brazil -EVS Xfile3

In Brazil I have never seen this system being used while it exists in the OB vans. Operators don’t know how to use it so they stay behind from the rest of the world.

Broadcast Brazil -EVS Xfile3

Operators who are using this system are being invited to work all over the world and they gain a lot of experience and can improve the workflow and quality of TV making. That is a missed opportunity. It requires little effort and it’s really worth it.

Opportunity !!

Last year we even searched for english speaking EVS operators in Brazil for a client, there was non to be found!!

Broadcast Brazil -EVS Xfile3

This is just an example but there could be many more projects like these and it all starts at the attitude. No one gets anything done by saying that won’t happen. We just have to make it happen and it all starts at your very self.

If you start making a difference, more people will follow.

So let’s start the year positive by thinking about opportunities and making market for all of us! To an excellent new year from all of us at Broadcast Brazil!


EVS Broadcast Equipment

Roeland van der Manden
More info you can find on his LinkedIn: , Check his website or follow him on Twitter AmsterdamProductions

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