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Switch on / off?

Switch-Off in Brazil

Last year, with a well-defined organizational chart, it was promised that the first Analog TV transmitter would be turned off, leaving the path to spread the digital signal in the air.

Column Marcel Almeida - BroadcastBrazil

But this year Gired, Teles and TVs reached a new agreement on the switch-off of unanimous way, the shutdown of analog TV should be delayed due to a number of details, for example the release of the 700 MHz band and the major events such as the Olympics, Elections and another World Cup in 2018.

Broadcast Brazil -   Switch On Off

Rio Verde, in the interior of Goiás state, already was to have only digital signal on the air from 30 November, last year. However, the percentage of homes able to receive the signal was
79%, below the target. To achieve the goal of this challenge, many converters with interactivity and Ginga C will be distributed to members of the Bolsa Família.

Broadcast Brazil -   Switch On Off

One of the criteria to achieve the goal is to reach 90% of households that only have cable TV and, for example, more than two cable points at home and a third older TV. Homes with DTH, C band do not enter the account. Thus achieving the goal more quickly and effectively. Until February 29, the first city in the switch-off, the stations:
SBT, Band, Record and Globo TV leave the analogue to history. Some stations like Canção Nova, Rede Vida and Record News already operate 100% digital.

Broadcast Brazil -   Switch On Off

Reaching the goal, Brasilia, will be the real driver with shutdown until October, and the only capital to have 100% of the digital broadcast signal, of course, if all goes well and there was no further discussion. Within this package, a thousand cities by 2018 must follow the federal capital.

Meanwhile, some alerts have begun to be presented to the public about the shutdown, such as logos and texts in informative stripes. Campaigns must adopt the aspect ratio 16:9 in transmissions, except for programs that have been recorded in 4: 3 originally. As an example, TV Globo, use an “A” indicating that the reception of the channel is still Analog.

Broadcast Brazil -   Switch On Off

We can only wait for the next chapters of this novel, and hope that the happy ending comes quickly and preferably in Full HD format.

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Switch-Off in Brazil

UPDATE 23 feb 2018: Brazilians left waiting for DTT

UPDATE 13 apr 2018: 90 Million Brazilians DTT Ready

We would like to thank Marcel Almeida for writing for us.
More info you can find on his LinkedIn: or follow him on Twitter @marcelmg77

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: website
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