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Exhibitions, tradeshows and events about Broadcast, Webcast & Mobile.
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Column by René Schaap

Apple Services in Brazil

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JOBS for Audio Visuals

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Broadcast Brazil Academy
A portfolio of courses and training classes for Audio Visual professionals.
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Blog by Roeland van der Manden

Transmission in Cycling - #EFP

Insights at Broadcast Brazil
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Column by Roeland van der Manden

If you start making a difference…

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Be noticed by international productions and audio visual companies
Webcast ao vivo por Connecting Media Brasil
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Search for audio visual professionals in Brazil
Or find who are available to work in Brazil
On this page you can search for Audio Visual professionals who are available for work in Brazil, or those professionals who live in Brazil. A multilingual crew can be found here for use in your productions, but also some specialized cameramen, EVS operators, video / audio / webcast engineers or coach builders. With the more major international events it is important to find the right people in the right time.

If you want to add yourself, be a member and add your professional info in this form.
When we receive your info, we check it and add it into this free database.
If you have any questions, just contact us.
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Webcast ao vivo, Evento Exact Negócios ao Vivo com Max Verstappen  por Connecting Media Brasil
Webcast - Jogos Olímpicos - Rio de Janeiro para o Facebook por Connecting Media Brasil
Webcast #Droneweek 2016 por Connecting Media Brasil
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