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UFC in Rio de Janeiro

UFC in Rio de Janeiro

The 2nd and 3rd of august BroadcastBrazil was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the UFC event.

We talked with
Fernando Figueira, one of the Camera Operators of this UFC show, and had the chance to ask him some questions.


BB: So Fernando, please tell us what is your function, and what does it include
Fernando: “I am one of the Hand Held Camera Operators for the UFC events in Brazil”.

BB: How many shows are you on UFC in Brazil 
Fernando: “
I have worked at all the UFC Shows in Brazil, except the one that took place in Fortaleza”.

BB: What is the best part of the UFC events 
Fernando: “
The best part of the UFC shows is to be able to work with good professionals from all over the world”.

BB: What is the difference of Brazil and other countries at UFC events 
Fernando: “
At the UFC everything is detailed and structured. We receive a minute by minute script on each show, what makes our life much easier”.


BB: How is communication with foreigners in general in your work
Fernando: “
I am used working with a lot of foreigners, so I don't have any issues on communicating with them and I also made really good friends at those events”.

BB: What are the good and bad parts of Brazil as event host
Fernando: “
UFC is getting bigger and bigger each day in Brazil, so hosting an event in different cities of the country will help it get even more popular.
The most difficult part of hosting international events in Brazil is to gather a good
English Speaking Crew. We do have a lot of good professionals in the TV area but not all of them speak and/or understand English”.

BB: Do you notice a difference in foreign culture and your culture, in the way of working especially
Fernando: “
On TV, all the engineering is the same. Sometimes we have to change the way things are done to accomodate a specific request from a different way of doing TV. But, as I mentioned, technically the process is the same all over the world. What really matters is the final result and a happy and satisfied client, no matter where they come from”.


BB: Any specific technical difficulties this last UFC, and if so, these were due to what exactly
Fernando: “
No specific problems at any of the UFC events”.

BB: Any good advice for the Brazilians in this area
Fernando: “
It is very important to learn a second language, preferably English, due to the upcoming events in Brazil”.

BB: Do you see a rise in the amount of (english speaking) Brazilian
Broadcast Technicians and Cameraman needed during the UFC in Brazil, and in which specific areas
Fernando: “
Till today it is still very hard to gather an english speaking crew here in Brazil.


BB: How do you see the future for Brazilian broadcast Technicians the coming years with all upcoming foreign events
Fernando: “
Brazil has a really good future since we will have big events as the World Cup and Olympics. We are getting more investments in the area and that makes this kind of work stay even after these events”.

BB: What is the most important for you to be able to work with foreign companies
Fernando: “
We are always learning, so be able to work with people from all over the world only brings more knowledge”.

BB: What kind of gear do you use
Fernando: “
On UFC shows we work with an OB Van with 16 Grassvalley HD Cameras and 5.1 dolby áudio”.


BB: Any other international events you did this year? If so which ones and what was your function there.
Fernando: “
I did the World Youth Day in Rio de janeiro where I worked as Producer, also I did Pororoca Live for CCTV China as an Transmission Coordinator”.

World Youth Day:

Pororoca Live Event, behind the scenes:

So we hope this is, besides, fun to read, also a good help and insight information about foreign broadcast events held in Brazil and what the future may hold.

More photo's available on our Broadcast Brazil Facebook page, you can find them
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World Youth Day
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