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Genelec - Interview with Miguel Dominguez


Interview with Miguel Dominguez

Genelec - Interview with Miguel Dominguez

We had the pleasure to meet Miguel during his latest business trip in Brazil. Having a good lunch in Copacabana with a lovely beach view, it was the perfect place to get to know him and Genelec a bit better. Since Genelec is entering the Brazilian market we though it interesting to have Miguel tell us more about his points of view of the Broadcast Market.

BB: Miguel, what is your occupation
Miguel:I work for Genelec as Area sales manager

BB: How long do you work for Genelec
Miguel:Since August 2012

BB: How long do you work in the south america region
Miguel:About 10 years

BB: How long does Genelec exist, and how long in Brazil
Miguel:Genelec was founded in 1978. This year is the 35th Anniversary. Pride Music, the current distributor, has been working with Genelec the last 7 or 8 years, but you can find Genelec monitors in Brazil since the 80s and 90s.”

Genelec was founded in 1978. This year is the 35th Anniversary. Pride Music, the current distributor, has been working with Genelec the last 7 or 8 years, but you can find Genelec monitors in Brazil since the 80s and 90s

BB: Which product is most popular in Brazil
Miguel: “
The top seller in 2012 was the 8030A, as it is all around the world.”

BB: Did you see a growth in audio/video related material in brazil
Miguel:This is what the AV industry is probably expecting; Brazil is heading the technical improvements in the Broadcast market in the Latin America region. However, I think the main growth will happen within the next two years probably.”

BB: Which section in the audio/video market is strongest for Genelec in brazil
Miguel: “The top clients in number of units purchased are broadcasters, as usually happen everywhere for Genelec. I would expect to find an increased market and also more diversified in the short-medium term.”

BB: Official representatives are situated where, and how many
Miguel:Genelec tries to work with only one exclusive distributor, although this depends very much on each country and the potential markets. We have right now in Brazil only one distributor, Pride Music, based in Sao Paulo, but they work with dealers in all the main cities of Brazil.”

BB: How is business and sales different from Europe/USA in brazil
Miguel:The main difference is probably the difficulties in customs to import any product in Brazil. This changes the rules quite significantly.”

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BB: Is the english language still a problem in communication
Miguel:I don't really know since I communicate in Portuguese with my brazilian clients, or at least in ¨Portuñol¨, since I am Spanish native. I would think that in the professional level most of the engineers are able to speak in English and they don't have that lack of communication. Genelec hired me thinking in to open new direct channels of communications with the Portuguese and Spanish speaking markets in Latin America.”

BB: Are you partnering with other foreign companies here in brazil
Miguel:Not right now although we have very good relationships with many manufacturers. We are discussing some possibilities with Dolby, and we are always in touch with manufacturers of mixers, microphones and other colleagues in the pro audio industry.”


BB: How do you see the broadcast market in 2014 due to world cup
Miguel:The purchases of equipments that the Broadcasters can need for the world cup should be done within the next 12 months, probably less. However, the brazilian broadcasters are quite well equipped technologically. Another different issue is if they will have enough resources to cover properly all the events, but, if they don't have them and they don't want to buy them, the market will be interesting for foreign rental companies. Anyway it is a great opportunity for improving the technical development, already high,  of the brazilian broadcast market.” 

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BB: Which  company is your biggest opponent in Brazil
Miguel: “
Due to the complicated system of taxes the manufacturers of less expensive monitors are usually hardest competitors. However Genelec is in a range of quality, reliability and performance where our typical competitors in Europe or USA are not real opponents in Brazil.”

BB: Any surprising challenges in brazil
Miguel:Surprises depends on the open mind you have. In this industry usually any challenge can be faced up working hard and thinking smart. Perhaps the main challenge can be to change the trend of the brazilians of buying abroad, although it is not a surprise.”

BB: Are there new upcoming products you can tell us about
Miguel:There are, but it is still too soon to talk about it. We will have many exciting new products along this year. Genelec has always tried to lead the industry of active monitors and I really think we are right now offering the state of the art technologies and it will be even better in the close future.”

So we hope this is, besides an interesting piece to read, also a good help inside a companies view and interests in the Brazilian market and future possibilities.

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