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Patrick Hendriks & Dakar 2012

Blog-Pictures_DAKAR201201 - Dakar info center

Dutchman Patrick Hendriks is working @ Dakar 2012
Dakar Rally 2012 starts just as the 3 editions before, in Argentina. After Argentina the Rally will continue through Chili and new this time…..the finish in Peru.
Patrick will try to do some updates of his job on this blog at the time of the Dakar 2012 Rally.

The Dakar Rally 2012 starts just as the 3 editions before, in Argentina. After Argentina the Rally will continue through Chili and new this time…..the finish in Peru.

This will be the 4th Dakar Rally for Patrick & BP Satellite Solutions but this time with DVB-T instead of satelite uplink.

Patrick is responsible for the distribution of audio and video at the bivouac for the so called
Dakar Kiosque, he also will be held responsible for the output.

Blog-Pictures_DAKAR201202 - Bivouac+ antennas

" I can choose between 5 feeds and 4 DVD players, besides that i will have effects and graphics on my video mixer. I make use of glassfibre cabling for all local connections in the bivouac. For bigger distances i will use DVB-T. All equipment, supplies and employee will be transferred from bivouac to bivouac by plane, everyday another

Blog-Pictures_DAKAR201203 - Bivouac distribuation to Flatscreens

Used Equipment:
2 complete  DVB-T Transmitters
A few hundred personal receivers
DVD players
And lots of cables

Blog-Pictures_DAKAR201204 The BP Satellite Solutions Rack at Dakar 2012

Above the rack with equipment, below we can see the ASO using a personal monitor.

Blog-Pictures_DAKAR201205 - ASO using the personal monitor

More Photo's can being seen on our facebook page.

About Patrick Hendriks:
Patrick Hendriks performs his profession by his company
BP Satellite Solutions B.V.
BP Satellite Solutions B.V. is specialized in sales, rental installation and de-installation of satellite transmitter and receiver systems. Besides this, BP Satellite Solutions B.V. has its own technical maintenance service, supplies SNG services and is the address for ecologically sound disposal of all your broadcast equipment.
The first time Patrick Hendriks came into contact with transmitting was in 1978 through a twelve channel AM transmitter. From that moment his love affair with transmitting began. In 1980 he switched to FM 27 Mhz followed by a local radio station “Keizerstad” in Nijmegen . The appearance of the first ASTRA satellite on the scene was Patrick's first encounter with satellite television. That, in combination with his love for transmitting led to a newfound interest. This was also the time that he started installing “dishes” for family and friends. Patrick now has more than 25 years experience in the field and he has been globally active for the last 11 years. A little over fifteen years ago, Patrick switched to professional broadcasting. As an SNG operator he started with Sonotech in Hilversum after which he was an employee of United Broadcasting Facilities when they acquired Sonotech. After his stint at United it was time for a new challenge. Patrick became a freelancer and went to work for New Skies as a Payload Operations Controller. This brought him into contact with the other side of the professional spectrum. However, after two years the bug bit him once again and he returned to professional broadcasting.
The years followed Patrick was working as Technical Director for the German frim
WIGE MEDIA AG. In that role he was responsible worldwide for the Formula 1 broadcasts of RTL Germany, RTL Netherlands, Sky Italia and ZDF Germany. As BP Satellite Solutions B.V. Patrick now takes care of all facilities for the F1 broadcasts for MTV3 Finland, Setanta Ireland, ViaSat Sweden / Denmark / Norway and RTL Netherlands. Also he still is hired by WIGE MEDIA AG for the final report of the Formula 1.

Blog-Pictures_DAKAR201206 - BP Satellite Solutions B.V.

dakar on YouTube

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