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Exhibitions, tradeshows and events about Broadcast, Webcast & Mobile.
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Column by René Schaap

Apple Services in Brazil

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Broadcast Brazil Academy
A portfolio of courses and training classes for Audio Visual professionals.
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Blog by Roeland van der Manden

Transmission in Cycling - #EFP

Insights at Broadcast Brazil
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Column by Roeland van der Manden

If you start making a difference…

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Be noticed by international productions and audio visual companies
Webcast ao vivo por Connecting Media Brasil
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Broadcast Brazil aims at the market that includes broadcast, webcast & mobile in Brazil

Broadcast Brazil

Broadcast Brazil is an open platform for sharing information about the broadcast, webcast & mobile market in Brazil.

Brazil had have much more international events organised past 10 years. Besides the Worldcup soccer and Olympic games much more broadcast events took and take place.The possibilities in the broadcast market have become a chance for all companies and people who are active in this area of work. With the major events like the UFC, ATP Rio open, Formula 1 Interlagos , Tomorrow Land Itu and Rock in Rio giving Audio Visual Brazil a push forward.

Broadcast Brazil will keep you up-to-date with stories and experiences from people who are working in the broadcasting business in Brazil. Stories by companies, by engineers & technicians in the field, TV stations, post-production companies, TV studios, audio studios, TV networks, satellite uplink companies, webcast & streaming companies and video & streaming in the mobile world.

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Learn better english by watching & listening the video’s.

Broadcast Brazil will be a source of information when looking for professionals and companies in Brazil for your production. Companies and broadcast freelancers can add their information on the website.

All Brazilian Audio Visuals can learn the english language by reading our articles and social posts on Facebook and Twitter.

It becomes easy to learn a new language…
when your read or listen something you like.

The website is in English to make it easy for foreigners to do business in Brazil, but also to promote english speaking Brazilian co-workers / freelancers in the Broadcast, webcast and mobile world.

Advertising and Advertorials are possible on BroadcastBrazil , just contact us to receive information & prices.

Webcast ao vivo, Evento Exact Negócios ao Vivo com Max Verstappen  por Connecting Media Brasil
Webcast - Jogos Olímpicos - Rio de Janeiro para o Facebook por Connecting Media Brasil
Webcast #Droneweek 2016 por Connecting Media Brasil
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