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2018, It will be awesome!


After our yearly big break we start again at Broadcast Brazil. 2017 Was a difficult year for Brazil, but also for a lot of Brazilian Audio Visuals.
We hope we will get some changes this election year so we can all grow and benefit from our hard work.

This year we will add more to the portfolio of courses and training classes for Audio Visuals. Info follows here and on our social media channels.

More additions to the "Broadcast Brazil
shop.". The first new 2018 design is available now!

Broadcast Brazil Shop - KEY ME KEYME

We will keep all our other items, like the
industry agenda, JOBS and our member pages. On Social media you can find Broadcast related news that is interesting for Brazilian Broadcast technicians and operators, camera-operators, light and sound people, film production , postproduction and VFX animation studios. We try to make the best selection of available news. Besides that we will focus our #weekenread articles to one subject each weekend, for example in week 6 the subject of the #weekendread will be the Olympic Wintergames in Korea.

Than we a a great new
Column from Roeland van der Manden, it is all about Camels and an important message.

We hope you’ll like it. We will do more REVIEWS because they are pretty populair. This year we will do some Hardware reviews also.

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