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Exhibitions, tradeshows and events about Broadcast, Webcast & Mobile.
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Column by René Schaap

Apple Services in Brazil

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JOBS for Audio Visuals

Find your new JOB here !!

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Broadcast Brazil Academy
A portfolio of courses and training classes for Audio Visual professionals.
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Blog by Roeland van der Manden

Transmission in Cycling - #EFP

Insights at Broadcast Brazil
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Column by Roeland van der Manden

If you start making a difference…

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Be noticed by international productions and audio visual companies
Webcast ao vivo por Connecting Media Brasil
Advertise on Broadcast Brazil.
Get the attention you want from the people in your area of work
Advertising and Advertorials are possible on BroadcastBrazil.
Here some examples of the advertisement blocks in the site and the sidebar:
Advertise on BroadcastBrazil
120px x 120px for sidebar and Insight (advertorial) or Blog page.
Advertise on BroadcastBrazil
240px x 120px for sidebar and Insight (advertorial) or Blog page.
Advertise on BroadcastBrazil
550px x 200px Banner for Insight (advertorial) or Blog page. Besides it can also be added in the Industry agenda, Search Members and Video pages.
The top slider is also a place in which advertisements can be placed, for example as a link to an advertorial but also as a complete Top- Banner 550px x 95px.
An advertorial about your service or product in Insights or the blog is another possibility. We have 3 options in this:
- The article will be written by a journalist with experience in the area of subject. Photo's will be taken by a professional photographer.
- The article and photo's are delivered by the client.
- A combination of the above 2.

When you want to promote a mobile application, we expect one redeem code for us to download your app or from an appstore. Can be both Android Market or iTunes Store. If there are extra redeem codes available for our members we have an option to give those away by a Facebook or Twitter campain.

When you want us to test equipment , software or app and write an Insight about this , we need to receive this equipment or software/app. When we are done we will send equipment and software back if this is needed. Contact us to receive the information & prices.
Webcast ao vivo, Evento Exact Negócios ao Vivo com Max Verstappen  por Connecting Media Brasil
Webcast - Jogos Olímpicos - Rio de Janeiro para o Facebook por Connecting Media Brasil
Webcast #Droneweek 2016 por Connecting Media Brasil
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